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» What is Digital Ear Real-time® ?

Digital Ear can analyze a live or recorded solo performance (e.g. a singing voice, a saxophone solo, or any other musical instrument) and convert it into a standard MIDI file!

This file can be played by any synthesizer with a different  voice of your choice, or you can import it into your favorite sequencer or notation software (e.g. Cubase VST, Cakewalk, Sonar, Logic etc.) for mixing with other tracks, automatic transcription, or any further processing.

Digital Ear reads all popular audio files (.wav, .mp3, .wma etc.) or accepts live microphone input.

» View your voice features at a glance! Current note is viewed on the keyboard (left top). The blue dot on the keyboard becomes bigger when your voice becomes louder, while the color of the dot becomes brighter as your voice becomes brighter !

» Beyond simple «Pitch-to-MIDI» conversion...

» Customize Digital Ear. Each musical instrument or human voice is unique. Digital Ear is flexible. It is not constrained in a specific musical instrument, or voice!

Unlike conventional so-called «Pitch-to-MIDI» converters, Digital Ear will send high-resolution pitch events closely matching those of your original sound.

Any vibrato, tremolo, pitch-bend, or portamento effects of your recorded sound will be faithfully converted into MIDI events that can by reproduced into any voice of your synthesizer or sound card.Only Digital Ear can capture the nuance and expressive power of the human music player or vocalist.

»Now in Real-time ! (A.k.a. : Your own voice as a MIDI controller.)


The Real-time edition of Digital Ear can directly convert audio directly from the microphone into MIDI!

The possibilities are endless: E.g. let your voice to control a virtual pan flute, or just view how good your intonation is using the on-screen pitch display.

Correct your voice's pitch errors with the  Soft Quantization tool.

» Convert to MIDI in Real-time and view your intonation as you sing or play a musical  instrument.

» The Voice Realism is here… 

» Digital Ear in action! 

A unique feature of Digital Ear not found elsewhere, is the capturing of detailed volume envelope and timbre dynamics events. These features can really boost your synthesizer's voice realism and enhance your musical expression.

Your MIDI files will never sound the same again.

» Digital Ear® version 7 Key Features

  • State-of-the-Art recognition engine. Based on the latest psychoacoustical research on human pitch perception. Captures with incredible accuracy and speed instantaneous pitch, volume, and timbre dynamics, with minimal errors.

  • NEW! Real-time Audio-to-MIDI capability.

  • Full-featured built-in Voice Features Editor. View your voice features as they evolve over time with an advanced graphical representation (virtual keyboard, chart, sliders). Edit the pitch, volume and brightness of the sound at any time-slice with  accurate and quickly.

  • Settings Wizard: This is a advanced feature of Digital Ear 7. It allows you to find automatically the optimal settings for a particular audio file for best conversion results without trouble.

  • Completely customizable to match every musical instrument or human voice. Store an unlimited number of user-defined engine settings.

  • Ultra high time resolution (NEW! 5 ms frame size minimum).

  • Two types of MIDI files ensure full compatibility with all known sequencers. Such as Cubase VST, Cakewalk, Sonar, Logic

Power Tools:

  • NEW! Modify Pitch and Tempo: Transpose your sequence with 1/100 of a semitone accuracy. Easily speed up or slow down the tempo of your song.

  • Soft Quantization: User selectable natural sounding pitch quantization.

  • NEW! Area correct: This brand-new feature uses a new powerful algorithm for error correction. Just drag the mouse over the area you wish to correct, and all errors will be eliminated!

  • In-Tune Wizard. Will tune for you automatically a de-tuned melody, without altering the performance dynamics.

  • Auto Correct: Will clean up for you most tracking errors automatically.

  • Smart Attack Detector:  Accurately recognizes note onsets. This feature is particularly effective for string instruments. On-the-fly real-time sensitivity adjustment.

  • Integrated MIDI and Wave file player. Sends your MIDI file to any user selectable any MIDI device. Preview your wave files without leaving Digital Ear.

  • MIDI controller redirection. Select any MIDI controller to send brightness and volume (expression) events.

  • Unlimited MIDI voice selection. Select any of the 128 GM (General MIDI) voices.

  • Full automated for GM (General MIDI) and Yamaha-XG compatible synthesizers. Also supports MIDI synthesizers that do not conform to these standards.

* Specifications in this document are subject to change without notice.

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