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» Installation update

  • Installation problem fixed under Windows-XP SP 2.

» Version 4.02 Released (minor update)

  • Digital Ear is now fully Windows-XP compatible.

  • Real-time version is now stable under all system configurations.

  • Other minor fixes.

» Version 4.01 Released & Digital Ear Real-Time released.

  • By popular demand a Real-Time version is finally released as a separate product.

Improvements in version 4.01:

  • Double pitch resolution: More precise intonation for your tracks.

  • More time resolution: Up to 5ms virtual time resolution!

  • Area correct tool: You will correct errors at just sweep of the mouse.

  • Tempo tool: Speed up or slow down your sequence.

  • Magnifying glass: View voice features in more detail.

  • Quick Settings: Now switch between common settings at click of the mouse.

  • Wizard now estimates brightness gain.

  • Faster and more accurate engine

  • Fixed compatibility bug with international versions of Windows.

  • Sonar compatibility fix.

  • Minor changes in Digital Ear Manual. 

  • The installation program now is Windows 2000/Me Compatible

» Version 3.0

  • Settings Wizard: This is a advanced feature of Digital Ear 3. It allows you to find automatically the optimal settings for a particular audio file for best conversion results.
  • Improved Power Tools:
  • Soft Quantization: User selectable natural sounding pitch quantization.
  • Advanced Error Correction: Now it is user customizable.
  • Transposer: Transpose your sequence at any amount of semitones (1/100 of a semitone accuracy).
  • Undo function: Recover from any mistake during the editing process.
  • Volume events redirection: Select any MIDI controller volume (expression) events.
  • Easier note range adjustment by providing direct manipulation handles.
  • Improved precise MIDI timing: Your .wav and midi file will have exactly the same timing with sub-millisecond accuracy!
  • Numerous internal fixes and improvements.

» Version 2.0

  • Speed Speed Speed! The new version of Digital Ear features a new optimized engine that is 2-20 times faster (depending on time resolution) than the previous version! Do you think that we sacrificed quality? Read below...
  • Accuracy: Digital Ear now is now even more robust. Less errors,  more  precise intonation even in difficult cases.
  • Smart Event Detector: This brand-new feature of Digital Ear uses a new real-time algorithm in order to accurately recognize a  notes' attack. This feature is particularly effective for string instruments like guitar. On-the-fly real-time sensitivity adjustment.
  • MIDI events compression. Fewer MIDI events are send to your synthesizer releasing valuable bandwidth without compromising quality.
  • Score-friendly MIDI files: With the addition of the Smart Event Detector, the resulting MIDI files will work better with your favorite notation program
  • Tooltips! Get instant help for any function of Digital Ear. Just leave the mouse pointer stationary over the icon you want to learn more about it.
  • Automatic save of MIDI files: No need to save your MIDI file each time you make a parameter change. Make any change you like, then just hit "play" to hear your resulting MIDI file.
  • Integrated WAVE file player. Now you can hear and compare your wav file  inside Digital Ear.
  • Numerous internal fixes and improvements.
  • Minor changes to the installation program in order to provide better compatibility.

  • The installation program has changed to support older versions of Windows.

  • Users that have selected "small fonts" from the Windows Display Settings, may notice that the subdivisions of the sliders disappear. This have been fixed.

» Version 1.5

  • Better Engine has an even more extended frequency range.
  • Increased MIDI file compatibility. Non-SMPTE MIDI files are now available providing full compatibility with all known sequencers like Cubase VST, Cakewalk etc.
  • Automatic update of MIDI files in order to immediately reflect any changes in engine settings.
  • User selectable target Beats Per Minute.
  • Program change events can now be overridden supporting non-GM (General MIDI) synthesizers.
  • User adjustable brightness gain. Now the sensitivity of timbre changes can be easily controlled.
  • Smart checking of new software upgrades.
  • Numerous internal fixes and improvements

» Version 1.0

  • First version of Digital Ear released. The music revolution begins.

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